What is the Free Flash Games?

Free Flash Games is a company that creates free online mobile games to website visitors who register to our site. We are composed of a team of programmers and expert gamers who understand the gaming atmosphere and know the ins and outs of this world. We want mobile app players a fair platform for free games where everyone can enjoy a game in any mobile device and in any mobile brand.

Do you sell games?

Generally, we create free games for all. Whether you have an Android or an Apple device, you can download our games. But we offer premium apps and games when you shop online. Browse our pages and you can see a number of applications which you can download at a minimal price. When you pay for our games, you will not only get ad-free gaming but you will also receive voucher codes on your next purchase.

What kinds of games do you create?

We have a team of programmers for each genre of game that we create for gamers. We have produced games with adventure themes, action, third player style, arcade, platform, interactive, puzzle, sports, and more. Just search Free Flash Games on your mobile device and you will find a number of games ready to be downloaded and played.

Can you create a game for a company?

Yes, we can. We have hundreds of clients who want to promote their business through mobile games and apps. A customized game is a great way to make your brand and your products popular. You can use the contact page to inquire about our service and see how we can translate your vision into a real game.

Are all your games free?

Generally, all of our games are free. You can download our games on your Android or your Apple device. What we mean when we say premium games is that we create customized games that are either advertisement free or are made specifically for people who want to pay for a game.

How can I advertise my product on your games?

Our games are free of charge. We make money through our in-game advertisements. If you want us to put an advertisement on our games, you can send us a message through our Advertise page.